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Dance Naturals brand was born in  1995 by the entrepreurial and dynamic spirit  of TINO MICHIELOTTO (Italian) and CAROLYN SMITH (Scottish) engaged in the dance study for about 40 years with maximum passion. In their agonistic career they attain surprising goals at the highest world levels of dance and as teachers train extraordinary dancers at the principal places of different italian and international competitions.

The great experience and the dance successes are at the origin of the more extraordinary success of the shoes, thought and designed from them: these shoes, different and original, provoke the interest of an impressive number of top dancers, that, every day more, want to wear them.

The principal aim of  is the absolute innovation, because of that, moreover the unmistakable quality, shoes mark themself with a exceptional functionality: tens and tens of patented particulars grant the maximum stability and foot adhesion, while the excellent and only natural materials allow a correct foot transpiration.

The Company is engaged on the production and sale of dance shoes with maximum care and attention for the details: each dance shoes, from the leather cutting to the making and finishing of the shoe is checked and under control by expert shoe makers.

Over and above the unconfoundable quality, it is important to underline the functionality: many small details give a guarantee of the maximum stability; exclusive natural materials of the highest quality allow the correct transpiration of the foot.

Continues research to better the dance shoes puts at the top of the market.

It’s a shoes production fully focused on the shoes users: men and women addicted to dance. is present in all over the world and through the web site is possible to find own distributor or contact directly with the producer company.

In 2010, the founders have been replaced by new members, co-workers for years because they were the direct producers of the brand. In the recent February 2013 was concluded the integration project company “Dance Naturals of San Marco Srl” in “Calzaturificio Lady Laura Srl” has always been the brand manufacturers

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