A great tradition with constant improvement.

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Craftsmanship at your feet

The Dance Naturals® brand was founded in 1995 to be an innovative, dynamic and avant-garde company in the Italian footwear sector. The ambitious initiative of the two founders has always been characterized by a careful attention to details, highlighting the key values of the brand: craftsmanship and Made in Italy.

Twirl with elegance

The company studies its products in every aspect, to provide its customers with a product that is a real expression of art. Every Dance Naturals® shoes, from the cutting of the leather to the assemblage and finishing operations is carefully inspected by the expertise of our shoemakers. They boast a long experience in the field and a boundless passion for every model.

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Dance oriented technique

The company has an internal team of professional craftsmen able to satisfy many requests and desires, combining the ancient knowledge with the most modern technologies for production. This allows us to keep up with the latest trends, both in terms of product design and manufacturing processes.

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Our best sponsors

Thanks to its innovative character, during 2018 Dance Naturals® has invested in research and development of digital solutions and tools, to give its customers the opportunity to interact with our products and customize them with an infinite number of options. An e-commerce and a configurator that emphasize the continuous updating of our company, for a future made of craftsmanship mixed with technology.

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