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Dance is a passion

Something more than a sport. Dancing is a passion that involves body and soul, the ones with dance inside are unable to stand still. They live on an energy that cannot be drained. Recently we…

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For 25 years we have been making dance shoes, characterized by a strong identity of Italian craftsmanship that represents us.   Artisanal production is for us an ancient form of art, that embodies history, values…

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Carnevale di Venezia Carnevale di Venezia

Carnival in Venice. Dances and masks

Venice is the city of a thousands colors, brings together the sparkling beauty of the surface of the water that reflects the magnificent decorated buildings and the inimitable quiet of the calli (Venezia’s streets). A one-of-a-kind art…

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Synchro Dance discipline

Dancing is usually considered an individualistic or couple sport, but, actually, this wonderful sport can also be practiced in group. Synchro dance is a relatively young sport, born in the beginning of the 90s to…

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Dance shoes for your everyday life

Do you like dance shoes style? Their charm, unique and inimitable is perfect for the city life. Walk with elegance and comfort as you were dancing, feel the lightness as you were a feather and…

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Dance’s benefits: Sabrina’s story

By dancing we express ourselves, with a smile we let ourselves go with the melody and free our mind, following the steps. Dance is a complete physical activity, that stimulates the whole body, a form…

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Articolo Blog Ottobre Articolo Blog Ottobre

Artisanship: art, values and quality

The artisanal production is a very ancient form of art, with a history of values, technique and tradition. These are all aspects that characterize an artisanal product, giving it a clear identity, able to transmit…

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How to choose the right Dancing Course

Fall is here and the “I’m gonna take dance lessons” time too. September and October are the months when dancing courses finally start, as many flyers, notifications and free trial classes remember us.  The ones…

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