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The Blackpool Festival is inspiration


When during the roaring twenties the first Blackpool Dance Festival was held in the mesmerizing Empress Ballroom in the Winter Gardens Blackpool, few would have imagined such a success and what it would have become.

Today the Blackpool Dance Festival is the most famous annual dance competition, where every year thousands of dancers challenge themselves with steps of rumba, salsa or cha cha cha. 

Being, as it is, the oldest competition of ballroom dances, many dreams and emotions are at stake, and the excitement surrounding this festival is huge. Especially for the ones who work on daily bases strictly in contact with this amazing world, like us, an Italian shoe manufacturing company who always put its best efforts on its product: Dance Naturals.

To create and to sell dancing shoes for standard and latin dances is something that We, Dance Naturals, do with energy and passion since 1995, and it’s such an emotion. We feel excited and proud to do our job, when the dancers come to us asking for a new pair of shoes and we can feel their love for dancing.

This is why competitions like the Blackpool Dance Festival are extremely touching, because we know how much efforts, how much work there is behind, and we feel honoured when we see a dancer wearing our shoe models and dancing in a spectacular way.

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