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How to choose the right Dancing Course

Fall is here and the “I’m gonna take dance lessons” time too. September and October are the months when dancing courses finally start, as many flyers, notifications and free trial classes remember us. 

The ones who choose to sign themselves up might be inspired by their passion for dance, others just yield to the invitations of their friends and partners. To find the right course, suited to our own abilities, with a good teacher and good company it’s not an easy peasy task. So here’s what you should take into consideration when selecting a dancing course.

First of all the type of dance. Dance is wonderful and there are many kinds of dance like rumba, salsa, valzer and bachata. You should figure out what kind of dance suits you, if you are more a latin dance kind of person, or ballroom dances are more your jam. The rhythm, the music and the atmosphere will help you choose for sure, and of course, your passions.

The price of the courses is another thing to mind. Everybody will choose a course that they can afford, but beware that the more economic a class is the higher is the danger to walk into poorly organization and bad teaching.

Quality is indeed another thing to take into consideration. A dance school should have classes for students of every level, from the more expert ones to the newbies. Besides the better courses are the ones whit some recitals programmed, and also the ones that let their participants to sign up to some competitions.

In the end, the teachers are another important factor. Finding the right feeling with the professor might be difficult but it’s very important. Teachers have different abilities, competences and sensitivities. A good teacher helps students to improve and encourage them. Trust the ones that inspire you the most.

Don’t be shy, and have fun is our last advice. And when you will take the right dance class for you, you will think “Why I didn’t sign up sooner?”.

Have a nice beginning, dancers!

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