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Passion Made in Italy

Dance requires passion and dedication, and in order to create appropriate shoes, these two elements must be present in who create them.

Dance Naturals knows it, since 1995 it produces artisanal dance shoes with leathers and materials all Made in Italy. In the footwear business Made in Italy is itself a guarantee, since footwear is included in one of the big four sector of Italian excellences: Clothing (together with Food, Automation and Furniture). But in order to emerge in this sector you must be able to create a product of very high quality.

Dance Naturals decided to create its own establishment so it can supervise every stage of production and work in an artisanal way to create a unique, high quality product.

The establishment, located near Padova, is where a great team of professionals artisans work with ability, creating the shoes by hand: starting from the cut of the leather, then every stage of the production until strass application.

Only the great passion and dedication of the whole staff makes this possible, they care about every little single detail. To purchase an artisanal product is to purchase all the set values and efforts of the people who created it, so it is not just a product but something more.

What Dance Naturals created, with its choice of artisanal production Made in Italy, is a set of values such as: dedication. passion and quality. When you will charm everyone dancing, be aware that behind every step there is something more than a simple shoe: there is a whole world.

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