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After more than a month of closure we are ready to restart even stronger than before and with many news. 


We already started to design new models to offer you always new models to dance in harmony to the rhythm of music. New social media post are coming to share this great emotion together. The dance doesn’t stop and the craftsmanship neither. This art rich in history and values takes all its strength from the savoir faire and resumes its work as the stop had never occurred. 


It will be hard, but we will recover especially thanks to customers like you who always choose our handmade shoes to hover on the dance floor.  It is precisely the continuous passion that binds us and gives us the charge to start again and create shoes with many details of style and comfort for you. 


Are you ready to find out our news and restart with us?


Continue to choose realities like ours to restart the Italian handmade production. The quality of the raw materials, the attention and the technique of the craftsmanship are carefully studied and give an added value to the product, making it recognizable. These aspects are our history and our Italian identity and as such they must endure over the years and be handed down. 


Choosing Made in Italy means choosing a unique and fascinating lifestyle that brings with it pride and traditions. The meticulous attention to detail in Italian products is fundamental. We shall restart all together.


A special thanks to our customers! We are proud of you and the emotions you transmit to us every day.


We look forward to seeing you soon in the store and in our online shop.

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