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When Dance it’s a mandatory date


Finally they are coming: the Italian Championship of Sportive Dance FIDS 2019 will begin the 4th of July in Rimini, for over a week of exciting and charming competition.

This event represents a moment of union and honest competition for our Country and it keeps us glued to the screen because we don’t want to miss a moment of the wonderful challenges performed by professional dancer.

For ten days straight professional athletes will challenge themselves in order to win the title of champion and an important acknowledgement on national and international level.

The moment that excites us the most during this marvellous championships is the WDSF Grand Slam Standard and Latin. It’s the most important global competition of standard and latin dances.

We, as a company that produces dance shoes, are personally involved in this event and we care about it a lot. We follow with passion every competition with professional dancer because it’s super emotional and a true show.

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