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When Through Dance You Find Love

Dance unites, dance makes us stronger. If you think that love comes just once in a lifetime you are extremely mistaken, and today we bring you the living proof of this statement.

Love has an age only if you think so. Only if we think it is influenced by health and physique. Thinking about that we forget to think what truly counts: love in its maximum expression.

For this reason we present you Rocco and Nica. They met one day at dance school and then fell completely in love, they even got married. The passion for dance brought them together, made them found a new love and made themselves partner in an activity that let people maintain an always young and happy spirit thanks to its benefits.

Through dance people come closer, breaking through barriers of shyness and stiffness they didn’t even know they had. Dancing in couple creates chemistry and fun, dance makes us find ourselves and let us create a relationship of trust with the partner.

This is exactly what happened to Rocco and Nica that celebrated their love in great style, surrounded by their dearest affections!

The ceremony moved and surprised everyone, since they expected the classic civil marriage, but they found themselves submerged in the tale of a unique love, exalted by a civil ceremony created for them by Cerimonia VIP

To Rocco and Nica our most sincere compliments for the wonderful marriage and the most caring wishes for a long married life.

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