Carnevale di Venezia Carnevale di Venezia

Carnival in Venice. Dances and masks

Venice is the city of a thousands colors, brings together the sparkling beauty of the surface of the water that reflects the magnificent decorated buildings and the inimitable quiet of the calli (Venezia’s streets). A one-of-a-kind art city that with a glance kidnaps tourists’ hearts forever.

An exclusive, romantic and mysterious set, undisputed star of movies and paintings. Of course all of this conquered us too.

Our dance shoe models are inspired by Venice, and many of them take their name from its uniqueness and its funny dialect. Remo, Fia, Arsenale, Laguna, Cannaregio and Fenice are just few examples.

During this period of the year, for about ten days, Venice is further animated by lights and colors celebrating Carnival. It is an ancient tradition mentioned for the first time in 1296.

This party known all over the world, brings a magical and joyful atmosphere full of beautiful masks. Sumptuous clothes, traditional costumes, everyone show off their beautiful disguises, sometimes concealing their identity. It is like living in a sort of theatrical representation, cheerful and playful, far from one’s daily habits. The party is characterized by events, parades, exclusive gala and masked balls.

Will you also participate to the Carnival, twirling with our shoes?

Venice at Carnival is a unique experience to live at least once in a lifetime!

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