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Dance is a passion

Something more than a sport. Dancing is a passion that involves body and soul, the ones with dance inside are unable to stand still. They live on an energy that cannot be drained.

Recently we read and saw on the web something that really warmed our hearts: the evolutions made in Nigeria by a very young dancer who, despite the rain, despite his bare feet , could not help but dance.

Is there anything more emotionally engaging than dancing? The emotions it arouses and the elegance of the shapes that characterize the most plastic of arts, are elements that drag us beyond the simple discipline, they tell us stories, they are “life”.

It is the testimony of a child dancing among the difficulties, it is the testimony of Sabrina, as we have already had the opportunity to tell in this article: The benefits of dancing: the testimony of Sabrina. But it is also the testimony of all of you, who every day show us your great love for dancing by buying our shoes.

Because this is dance: a disruptive force much greater than us. It is an emotion that unites and thanks to which we can deeply love our work, putting all the commitment and passion possible in creating shoes able to convey the same strength and emotion. Because we know that even for you they are not just shoes, they are the necessary tool to give everything you have on the runway, they are a source of pride and beauty, they are the thing that accompanies you in your movements, they are the way you tell your story, the way you express your very essence.

We write this to thank you for the affection you show us, and to affirm once again that it is only thanks to dance that it is possible to overcome everything.

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