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Dance’s benefits: Sabrina’s story

By dancing we express ourselves, with a smile we let ourselves go with the melody and free our mind, following the steps. Dance is a complete physical activity, that stimulates the whole body, a form of fun, that makes us feel better and makes us happy at any age, whatever the dance style is.

Science confirms that dancing brings indeed many benefits to our mental and emotive health, and to our shape.

Let’s discover together dance’s properties:

  • It improves breathing and cardiac health and prevents cardiovascular risks.
  • It improves posture and it’s able to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis.
  • It trains muscular resistance, flexibility and the body performance, augmenting its strength, energy, agility, coordination and balance.
  • It stimulates weight loss, it maintains physical shape and tones up muscles.
  • It erases stress, tension and depression, augmenting serotonin, the good mood hormone, confidence and self esteem instead.
  • It creates interpersonal bounds and helps socializing.
  • It increases memory and it improve cognitive functions by maintaining reflexes actives.


Sabrina’s story

Our dear client Sabrina, affected by a rare neurodegenerative illness that provokes serious movement and word disorders: Ataxia Sca1, five years ago found herself coping with a new life, and dance helped her.

She found in physical activity the way to slow the illness down, through walks, swimming pools and dance she found herself again. These her words: “ At the beginning there were just tears and rejection, with fear and rage. I’m an ill woman that try to express the femininity that the illness is taking away. Ataxia attacks balance, but I will dance until I can!”.

One of her personalized t-shirt says “I dance against ataxia, but I lead”. Sabrina’s strength is an example for everyone, and it motivates us to train by dancing regularly with passion and determination.

Dance is a pleasant physical exercise that improves life quality if practiced with constance and a proper warmup

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