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Synchro Dance discipline

Dancing is usually considered an individualistic or couple sport, but, actually, this wonderful sport can also be practiced in group.

Synchro dance is a relatively young sport, born in the beginning of the 90s to meet the needs of dancers that hadn’t a partner and wanted to do couple dances. Now it is one of the most popular sport in competitive dance.

This discipline consists in the performance in perfect synchrony  of movements, steps and figures on a free musical base.

Interpretation is rewarded, expressed through body language, fluidity and choreographies performed with appropriate technical and athletic abilities.

Competitions can be divided in two specialities, depending on the typology of music and style, in: Synchro Modern and Synchro Latin. If the members are less than two, the categories can be unified in Synchro Dance. All dance and musical styles are admitted in both categories, with the exception of the ones clearly placeable in the Latin American and Caribbean compartments.

Synchro Dance was born as a group discipline, can be practiced in Duo’s specialities. synchro Duo is characterized by a competitive unit that can be composed by a man and a woman, or two men or two women. The partners must perform in perfect synchrony and do the exact same steps and movements without contacts or variations.

Typically couple dances like the Latin American ones can be performed together in a team, contributing in creating in the ones who practice them coordination and group spirit.

Synchro Dance is perfect especially for the younger ones, that approach to a complete and artistic discipline without sacrificing the group spirit that can be find in other sports.

Dance unites.

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